Sunday, December 31, 2023

What Are YOU Lookin' At?: (New Year's Eve 2023)

Ah, 123123

Welcome to the Blogging By Cinema-light Annual Report. I know for you investors out there, you'll want us to get to the bottom-line first, so here we go.
No. We did not make a profit this year. As a result, there will be no stock dividends. This will come as a disappointment to no no one is an investor.
On the other hand, we didn't have any losses, so we do not foresee any lay-offs. As I'm the only employee, this comes as a big relief. And a bit of a disappointment, as my hands are getting a little "crampy". 
There was one major milestone this year. Blogging By Cinema-light began with its first post January 26, 2014. It will be our tenth Anniversary this coming year (yay!), which means that it took nearly that long to get to 1,000,000 views, which rolled over sometime last year early in the year.
Now, this is a curious thing: if you look at our total pages views (located in the right column somewhere between the Word-Cloud that we never update and the spinning globe showing current views) you'll see that we have—as of this writing—1,335,253 page-views currently.
So, looking at this took us 9 years to get 1 million views and 1 year to add one-third of a million to that total. That's right, we had 329,000 views (roughly) last year. 
"Oh boy," I hear you say. "We're growing!!" 
Yeah, (scree-ee-ch!) not so fast. 
I check this blog quite a bit (my own page views are kept out of the numbers, by the way) and I noticed a real up-tick in page views this Summer. I mean, they, a tall building in a single bound. Just in the last 6 months, there have been 226,000 page views (out of 329,000, remember).
Now, it's not consistent. In the last 3 months, there have been 56,000 page-views, a lot less than half of the 6 month number. Still, nothing to sneeze at and please cover your mouth when you do.
So, what's going on? Well, Watson, when things started spiking I did a little investigating. It seems most of these page-views were coming from Singapore. Singapore? I don't know anybody in Singapore! And these page-views were 1) from an Android phone and 2) done as a google search for a could be anybody and some of them were for industry people I'd never mentioned or tagged in a single article.
But, a trend started...suddenly, a lot of views started showing up on the review I did for Wonder Woman 84 (a mostly negative review, I should add). The motivation for this eludes me—a fan of the movie (but not the first one? Which was—I thought—far superior.) Was it a Gal Gadot fan (in which case, she's got a lot of coverage on the inter-webs that would have proved more useful). Was it that I managed to score a motion-poster gif of the poster (something I love to do and wish more movies had them). I have nary a clue. "Its origin and purpose still a total mystery."
Until that started to change. Seems like there was a popularity contest going on between between The Batman (positive review, by the way) and Wonder Woman 84. "The Bat" finally won. Why? "He's Batman."
So, this long drawn-OUT explanation of what you're about to see here...the stats on the most popular posts this year (and only one from a movie that came out this year—you guys ARE going to movies, aren't you?). 


Honorable mentions to
Next, we have the most visited posts OF ALL TIME. The only changes from last year being a couple super-heroes knocking two off the list.

Honorable mentions to:

So, that was 2023. "Onward and Upward." Last year, I made the mistake of saying I'd be putting up an Index of everything on the site and that WILL happen in 2024, but I'm not making any other promises (although I'd love to tell ya what I got in mind). Better to surprise you. (And myself, if I get them done!)
Finally, I'll leave you with a couple of videos (even though they sometimes go missing after awhile) starting off with a couple Trailer Mash-ups:

And, then, TCM's yearly "In Memoriam" Clip—always so smart and so celebratory and always leaves me not despairing of what we lost, but grateful for what we had:

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